Friday, April 8, 2011


Now you say, "Na-Po-What?"

I found out from my aunt's blog t'other day that April is National Poetry Month. Who knew? I also found out - again from her blog - that a haiku is actually a pretty cool form of poetry. This discovery was confirmed a few days later when a friend showed me a page of haikus she had written - all very amazing!

I had never written a haiku. To be completely honest, the form seemed rather...shhhh...silly. But now that I have been proven wrong, I decided I ought to at least try one. So I did. And it kind of worked.

Shimmer like a dress,
Sparkle like a lady's laugh,
Sunlight and water.

Somewhat weird, somewhat cool, not at all conforming to strict haiku format, but hey, first tries aren't supposed to be perfect.

Do you like haikus? Have you ever written some? I'd love to see them in a comment!


Four For France said...

Beautiful! A great word picture.

Emily said...

I agree!! The sounds fit perfectly!

Lauren said...

Yay for NaPoMo!! I did write a haiku for English class. Ta-da:

The pure-cream lily
Waves in the dark twilight;
Inspiring of grace.

I enjoyed yours!

Keri On said...

San Fransisco calls,
Beckoning us to visit,
Off we go, smiling.

Obviously, I'm more comfortable w/ that limerick thing! (As you have plenty of examples!)

SarahJayne said...

Thanks, Aunt Jen and Emily!
Lauren, yours is beautiful. I really liked it!
Mama, I like yours, too - and how appropriate! :)