Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Smiles

When I got home from orchestra tonight, Daddy asked me what I was planning on posting.
"Nothing," I said, "I posted on Thursday."
"But you said you would post every Monday."

So here 'tis - Monday's post! I thought I'd share a couple smiles I've enjoyed this last week, in hopes that at least one of them will brighten and lighten your upcoming one!

Mama, Daddy, Ben, Rachel, Z-man AND Grandma and Grandpa are home - YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!!

In Music:
1. Schumann. I began learning a few pieces from his "Kinderscenen" and, Oh, how beautiful and heart-wrenching they are! The harmonies in some of them make me feel like weeping, but deep inside; real tears would be too much on the surface to express the emotion...
2. Chopin. Learning the 'Revolutionary Etude,' and loving it!
3. Bruch. "Scottish Fantasy" - always!
4. Tangled. "I See the Light" - so sweet!
5. Gettys. "Behold the Lamb" I love how each verse takes you through a different part of communion. This is another one of those "deep-down beautiful" pieces.

In literature:
1. My Bible, of course. Favorite passage at this moment is Psalm 27, but I am being strongly convicted from James, so maybe that ought to be my favorite...
2. Elsie Dinsmore. I began reading this book aloud to the Twinkles, and was instantly re-hooked on the series (haven't read it in years)! So, I am ravenously re-reading them, and enjoying ever minute of it!
3. Ella Enchanted. Another re-read for me, but JT had never heard it, so several of us read it together over the weekend. I'm afraid I'm a hopeless fairy-tale addict. :p

In deed:
1. Baking sourdough bread.
2. Sewing.
3. Crocheting.
4. Running! (aka 'shuffling'...gotta get back in shape!:)

A lovely week to you all!

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Keri On said...

Many smiles to be found there! Thanks for recounting some of them, sweetie!

Lauren said...

Revolutionary Etude! I'm so jealous! Ever since the first time I heard that piece and knew the story behind it, every drop of Polish blood in my body has wanted to play it! *That* is a piece that makes me want to weep deep inside!

Mikaela said...

Good for your dad for keeping you on schedule! *laughing*