Monday, April 18, 2011

Girls and Teacups

Once upon a time, there lived a group of girls who loved Christ, their families, and each other. They were friends, and they liked nothing better than to go a-visiting one another.
But in the dark months of winter, when the rain pounded on the roofs and the wind whistled through the streets and trees, the girls dared not venture out too often - even to see each other - for fear of catching cold. So they stayed at home, studying, practicing, and dreaming of the days when gentle Spring would take the edge off of Winter's bite. 
And then, on a particularly dull afternoon, one of the girls looked at her calendar (the view outside her window wouldn't change 'til July), and said, "Dear me, it's Spring! We must celebrate with tea!"
And so, a happy little note went out to all the other friends, and when they all looked at all their calendars, and saw that what she said was true, they could hardly contain their excitement! A real Spring Tea! It was finally time.
Yet, even with the calendar's assertions that Spring had truly come, the girls found it hard to really believe; for grey clouds persisted, and sunshine was scarce, and the chill of the outdoors still bid them bundle up warmly. Was Spring really here? They did not think so. 
Until, that is, they saw the tea room. It was lovely! Filled with cheery orange flowers, white floating pom-poms, and lace and cloth blossoms, and every dainty, Spring-y thing a girl's heart could desire.
Yes, on that day, it finally felt like Spring. They sipped their tea, and laughed and laughed, and then went outside to enjoy the gentle Spring weather. They didn't turn blue, freeze, or shiver, because, of course, Spring was finally here!

 And so, the tea was a success! The girls had a lovely time, and were so happy to once again have a party with their friends!
"Friends we are
Friends we were
Friends we will forever be."


Keri On said...

Such lovely ladies! Such Godly friends!

Kirsteen said...

Your tea looks delightful! I'm just catching up on your blog after returning from holiday.

I LOVED your post below about Queen of the Fort! I used to be soooo like that too. I never had to live on my own, going from home to University with a room-mate, and then straight to getting married, so if my husband was ever away I was exactly like you.

Now, though, for the last 7 months he has been working away Monday-Friday, and I am so thankful to God that he has taken that fear away from me or my nerves would be shot to pieces! Yes, I check the doors about 6 times before going to bed, but once I get to bed I find I can sleep soundly now on my own.

Anyway, enough from me!

Kirsteen said...

Oh yes, one more thing, I love Chopin!!!

Lynnae said...

That looks like a lot of fun! It is nice that we are finally having some sunny days :)
We had a lot of fun getting to meet you all on Saturday. As soon as you left we were planning a time when we could get together again :)
In Christ,

Mikaela said...

Such fun! Did you serve clotted cream? ;-) I will hold on to your assertion that spring is here and believe it with all my might. That will make it so, right?

Everyone looks gorgeous, and the pictures are breathtaking. Who is the girl second from the right in the last picture? Don't think I've met her yet.

Lauren said...

And of course, every proper spring tea involves a photo shoot...I'm sure the lovely Victorian era ladies would have had one at every tea if they could have!(-: I love all your photos, and thank goodness the sun is shining today! I was thinking about you last night, sniffing sadly that I couldn't be with you at the rehearsal. )-:

Kaytra said...

Yes, it was awesome in every way! I have such amazing friends, and sisters in Christ! Thanks for posting this Sarah, we need to exchange pics sometime! :)

SarahJayne said...

Thanks, mama! I know it greatly by your prayers that I have been so blessed!
Kirsteen, welcome home! :) Yes, Queen of the Fort can be stressful...fortunately, I don't have to take up the crown very often! It was a great blessing to remember our King is in control. :)
Mikaela, actually, Kaytch hosted the party, and no, I didn't bring clotted cream. But rest assured, it is on the list for the next tea party I host! :) The mystery girl is Crystal...I'm sure I've mentioned her to you before! :)
Lauren, photography is a contemporary form of art, and I am sure Victorian ladies enjoyed their own artistic outlets, even at tea parties! I was soo sad to miss you last night, too! What is the restitution rule? We need to see each other seven times to make up for this missed time?
Kaytch! Your party was WONDERFUL! Yes, we'll swap pix...tomorrow? :)

Lucia Marie said...

Do my eyes decieve me, or is that Gretchen and Betsy Kolberg? :)

We have known their family for simply dad actually introduced Mr. Kolberg and Mrs. Kolberg. ;)

My names is Lucia..I found your blog through Lynnae Spafford's, when she posted about your visit. We know the Spafford family, too! :) My, how small the world is..:D

Blessings to you! Your blog is simply lovely, Miss Sarah Jayne. Your name is beautiful, too!