Monday, June 6, 2011

A Picture to Write Home About

I'm sitting here in a four-man tent in our side yard, flanked on either side by a Twinkle, and knowing Gracie is somewhere along the far side in the darkness. We're listening to snippets of Chris Rice's piano-arranged hymns (the kind of snippets you get on "preview" through iTunes), and I'm reflecting on the pictures that have made this day.
Though this week's beginning was rather grey and overcast as a whole, we had some spectacular sunset colors during "Daddy's Favorite Time of Evening," which, since a picture's worth a thousand words, is better shown than explained:


 Before that, we all went to see Ben awarded the "Oswald Award" at the community college, which basically means he got a paper saying he's awesome - yah, yah, tell us something we don't know! Still, it was fun to cheer for him! :)

 But even before that, I met Ruth from Journey of Faith for lunch and lots of catching up - and I received some wonderfully-beautiful note cards!

Ruthie has been following the Lord's will for her life in Uganda for the past year, working with SHIM. Leading girls' Bible studies, teaching computer classes, encouraging those of us at home through the anecdotes on her blog - she blesses and challenges all who come in contact with her by her sweet spirit and "keepin' busy" attitude. Since she came home on furlough in May, Ruth has launched the "Suubi Project" to raise funds for the Lingira Living Hope Secondary School (LLHSS). Using pictures she took in Uganda (and wow, are they amazing!), she has put together some fantastic sets of stationary, the sales of which will benefit the school where she teaches - and I thought you should know! :) So many of us have been blessed to grow up in homes where Christ and His words are taught as truth, and education is a right. LLHSS is a place where students, who otherwise may never be given the opportunity, are offered both. A set of ten lovely notecards are a mere $8, or $10 if you have them mailed to you. Please consider supporting this ministry, and grab the button from Ruthie's blog to spread the word! Who knows how many young men and women will come to accept Christ in the years ahead for LLHSS? I don't. But I do know this: if there were only one soul saved from this day on because of the funds received through this project, it would be something to write home about!

For more info about the Suubi Project see here, for more info about LHSS, visit here.


Ruthie H. said...

All I can say is, thank you, Sarah! Okay, so I can and want to say more than that. ;) It was delightful having lunch and catching up with you today! I was so blessed to hear all about what you and your family are doing - what a testimony of what God can do with individuals and a family who love Him and have committed their talents and gifts to His glory. :)
Much appreciation for the plug about the cards and the school. You are so right, if one soul is saved as a result of The Suubi Project, as well as everything else that has been invested in the school, it will be so worth it!
Blessings to you!

Kirsteen said...

I saw that button on your blog the other day and meant to click on it to find out more. Thanks for letting us know about it. I don't suppose they post to the UK?
I'm off to find out more now!

Lauren said...

I love your pictures! Yay for Ben, too!