Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Home!!!!

"O wow. O wow. That is impressive!" The couple sitting next to me in the plane leaned forward, craning their necks to see out my little peep-hole of a window, while I leaned back, grinning in (senseless?) pride as they gawked and exclaimed at the beauty of my home. "Look at that mountain! O man. Wow."
"Have you guys ever been to Portland before?" I asked them, when their compliments began to slow. "Nope, first time!" they replied, "That is soo cool!" gesturing again to the mountain by which we were flying.

I just smiled. Over the past few days, the moment our fellow Instituters discovered where we lived, Lauren, Mika, and I were posed with the question: "Does it really rain there all the time?" "Well, I guess it does rain a lot..." we'd look at each other and shrug, "but you don't really notice it." (As a side-note, today is sunny and mid-70s.) However, if the truth be told, the Northwest is the most beautiful place known to man; even though, as one lady (who had actually visited) asserted, "It's the best-kept secret in the world!"

And I was home. Home where people know what the color green is. Home where rain is a thing you go outside and dance in, not pull out your umbrella for. Home where the sun shines on a million bright colors of pink, purple, and gold flowers; pale- and deep-green grass; dark, chocolate-colored dirt; and brilliant red bushes (instead of...well...brown everything). Home where the horizon does not stretch flat and endlessly, but where there are mountains and hills and woods and trees.

Yes, I love home. But what I love most about it, are the people who live here! To be tackled the moment I came into view by the three Littles, to be told by James that "Nothing was the same with you gone," to read yet another letter Maddy had written me, but hadn't had time to send - I am truly blessed by those with whom the Lord has chosen to surround me! Yes, I was sad Trip Utah was over. Yes, I loved chatting with and getting to know some of the amazing Suzuki teachers who rode the shuttle with us every day. Yes, I met some great people, and wish I could have gotten to know them better. Yes, I was challenged and sharpened and encouraged by those eleven days with my dear friends. But ultimately, I know this: God created and designed me to be here - in this home, older sister to nine siblings, living in the most beautiful state in the nation.

And it's good to be home.


Ruthie H. said...

Welcome home! Isn't home such a nice place to come back to? :)

Emily said...

Well, we are totally tickled you're back!! :-)

Jo said...

Welcome back to home, beautiful, home! I looooove your description of the great NW... While I was reading it, I was thinking, "Oh, yes! That is so right. Ahh! I love where I live!!!" :) Love it!

Lynnae said...

Welcome home, Sarah!!!! It always take away some of the sadness of leaving where you are if you have a big family to come home to...Especially if they're all excited to see you :) I agree, we do live in the prettiest place on earth...Especially out here in the country!!! Now that you're home, we should organize a get together...Before July 4 :)

Mikaela said...

We were sitting next to a couple who had never been to the NW before, too! They were coming from their home in Philadelphia to take a 14 day guided tour of Oregon, WA, and BC. I was tickled pink that they would tour our side of the country, although it was a little sad they had NO idea what they were going to see while they were here. I bragged that the descent into PDX is the most gorgeous I have ever seen...inordinately proud of this paradise, that's for sure!

Rachel said...

Totally agree! This is the BEAUTIFUL NW!

Lauren said...

You described it even better than the Gluten-Free Girl!(-:

SarahJayne said...

Thanks, Ruthie! Yes, it is lovely to be back! :)
Emmy, Rach, and Jo, thank you! Home is certainly one of the best places to be!
Lynnae - sounds good! How 'bout a shopping trip to Romy?? Ya open Monday? :)
Mika, that's awesome! I certainly hope they agree with us by the time all's said and done!
Lauren, heheh. You're very sweet! :)