Saturday, July 5, 2014

30 Day Book Challenge! Day 4: Hated Characters

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I am hard-pressed to think of things I hate. For one thing, I tend to find the word "despise" better suits my purpose when it comes to things like mushroom, spiders, seafood, and cleaning toilets. For another, "hate" is such a strong word that I find next to nothing for which I actually feel that much disdain. The things which really get my blood boiling are not things at all - but attitudes. I think I really do hate manipulation, spite, and passive-aggressiveness; and I never hate them so much as when these characteristics are exhibited by intentionally hurtful, sneaky, or misleading words. Nevertheless, even when I get ticked beyond measure when I see - in either real life or stories - people exhibiting this malicious mastery of vernacular, I cannot think of someone I hate...

Day 4: Which characters do you hate the most? (Include their books)

In theory, fictional characters are easier to hate, because one doesn't have the concern of actually claiming to hate a true, living person. However, I can't help but feel a great admiration for the author or authoress who is able to create such a thoroughly despicable character, and then my feelings of "hate" get mixed up with my feelings of "wow - great writer!" and I still don't come away with such great feelings of abhorrence. Characters I hate the most? I can think of only two at the moment, and let me tell you: their authors are fabulous.

~ Lady Susan ~
{Lady Susan, by Jane Austen}
Oh, how I do despise her. Sneaky, manipulative, selfish to the core...and thoroughly and brilliantly developed by Miss J.A.

~ William Dorrit ~
(father of Amy Dorrit)
{Little Dorrit, by Charles Dickens}
He's manipulative, whiny, arrogant...and the very definition of weak. He thinks he rules his daughter from respect, while there is nothing respectable about him. The only reason his daughter sticks with him is because she loves him, and he gives her no love in return. Yes, he's a hateful character.

Who is the most hateful fictional character you've ever read?


Ben said...

While I haven't read it, I definitely agree with Mr. Dorrit as a choice...

Believe it or not, having been reviewing the Little House on the Prairie series, Eliza Jane Wilder was a most despicable character, and here views on punishing children (or rather, not) is quite sad...

SarahJayne said...

True...she was a sad person. But you wouldn't say you hated her, would you?