Monday, August 5, 2013

Bright Eyes {Part II}

To read Part I, "Alone," click here.
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Her wounds are open and infected now, oozing with bitterness, resentment, envy: heartfelt pain. All who see her avoid her heap, and mock She Who Falls.

Amidst the haze of pain and betrayal comes One who stands. One who speaks to her, touching her, asking her to rise again. But she has grown wise, and refuses, rolling away from the side of the One. Still He comes, ignoring protestations. He lifts her; He stands her on a new path. He walks beside, cheering her on.

Her eyes doubt.

Armies of death charge toward them, chilling in their battle cry. A flash of hopelessness echoes from heart to eyes, and she shrinks back, conceding before the clash by slipping to the ground.

But One catches her. He stands her up. He steps before.

Death's warriors raise their swords in victory, as the One they always sought stands ~
Stands as a human shield before She Who Falls.
In a moment, it is done. Before her falls the One Who Stands, and again she stands, alone.

Her eyes weep.

Drained of strength, she sinks to her knees, sight blurred by tears she's never known, and she whispers, gaspingly --

Unseen, One stands again, ignoring the sting of blood, and bends over her.

--"Please, let me stand."

Warm arms raise her, and strength shoots through her weakness at the touch. Shaken, she grasps the hands of the One, and rises. Rises again, and for the first time.

Hope dawns.

Heart sings.

Hand clinging to His, feet moving forward, with shining eyes she strides steady and sure down the bright path. When knees fail, One upholds. When pressure comes, One supports. When wind blows, One steadies.

She Who Falls now runs, eyes bright as the Morning Stars.


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That is really beautiful, Sarah! You wrote it with beautiful description that gives the whole picture... Thank you for sharing!!!