Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alone {Part I}

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Hands on hips, feet firmly planted, with laughing eyes she stands tall and capable in the morning sunlight. Unexpectedly, knees buckle, and she reaches for him, standing beside her.

He dodges.

She falls.

Unconquerable, she remains down for only a moment before springing up and moving, once again, to a place beside him. He welcomes the motion with a smile, and once again she stands, forgiving and tall. Her eyes smile.

Naysayers swarm toward her from afar, and her body turns rigid, while fear creeps across her face. Slowly, she faces them, backing toward him, leaning for strength, for support.

Again, he steps away.

Again, she falls.

Overpowered by the Nays, time lengthens before she can rise, but once again she stands, now with sores of resentment and sorrow forming. Again she moves beside him. Again he smiles.

Her eyes wonder.

The wind rushes toward her, shoving, pulling, flipping her feet out from under her. Wildly, she reaches toward his hand, but just as quickly he removes it, and again she falls.

Rise. Move beside him. Ignore the hurt. See the smile.

Her eyes mourn.

She begins to walk away, but he stays beside her, and unbid hope returns. Around the bend, she trips headlong into the ditch. Hopefully, desperately, she reaches toward him one final time, but he watches with indifference as she falls.

Crumpled, dejected, she lies in a heap for ages, refusing to rise. Eventually, he shrugs and moves on, leaving her as she always was.


To Be Continued...


Lauren said...

I want to read the ending, because I'm left with so many questions! This is beautiful.

Ruthie H. said...

Please don't leave us hanging for long! :)

SarahJayne said...

I hope the ending is satisfactory... :)