Friday, July 12, 2013

The Gate

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013: Traveling from Paris to Pierrefond, we stopped briefly in Noyon ~ Calvin's birthplace. As I walked into the cathedral, his cathedral for the first twelve years of his life, I was greeted with flying ceilings, cold stones, and musty smells. Beautiful.




I re-emerged into sunlight, shining through the gate and the cobwebs of sadness in my mind, and I knew there were more chapters to this story than the one I had just read...

In fervor were the first stones laid,
A vision, sparked with passion, born.
Those who began would see no end,
But gave their eve for others' morn.

So slaved away a century,
And arches soared, as heaven-bound.
No passion, art, or beauty spared -
For this small church in hamlet-town.

Long-looked-for moment finally come,
The last day darkened, growing late,
While men of ages watched with tears
As a Cross was placed upon the gate.

How brief the moments to be found
When awe and praise are in their right!
For men have long grasped for the pow'r
That's due to One beyond our sight.

Thus, silks and satins swept the floors:
Dust off the stones, but in the soul.
As self-important knowledge hid
The truth from those within its hold.

Long-foreseen darkness come at last,
The Ignorant renounced the Great,
And turned their backs on all that awes.
Still the Cross stood guard above the gate.

Abandoned. Crumpling ages watch
The growing dirt, in plain sight now.
For even semblance of this form
Has been cast off, and no one bows.

No man, no king, no priest, no god
Will glory-hungry masses praise.
Becoming gods, men lost the great,
And shattered all they meant to raise.

And, yet, dear Providence, a Light,
Still flickers here, while Mercy waits,
For those to come who love the church,
Where a Cross stands still, above the gate. 


Keri On said...

Very beautiful writing Sarah!
Thanks for sharing it!
Love you!

Emily said...

Lovely poem - wonderful job, Jaycey!! :-)

Keri On said...

Madeline would like me to remind you that it is 10 days til her birthday. AND 16 days til you come home. (Remember that place?....way back in your memory?....)

Spafford said...

What a beautiful poem Sarah! Christ exalting and God Honoring. We are praying for you all that the Lord would continue to richly bless. Just between you and me ...we can't wait to see you all again :)

Tammy Lorentz said...

Absolutely beautiful, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you were so talented writing poetry. Blogs, yes. Stories. Yes. But poetry was a beautiful surprise for me.

On another note, we are so excited to have several youth from the church coming over today to weed my overgrown garden and to tear off the roof of the shed. We hope to put our house on the market this week and that God will Glorify Himself by having it sell quickly!

Lauren said...

Reading your poem was like taking a trip back in time. May the Cross ever stand for what is in our hearts--not just a symbol, but the way we live our lives!