Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweater Makeover! :)

Hello, everyone! Today I'm linking up with Kirsteen's Make-it Monday!


A few weeks ago, I received this lovely-colored sweater from a friend:

Now, I realize that there are a variety of arm sizes in the world, but the size of the cuff made it nigh-impossible for any of the girls in our family to fit the sleeve onto the upper arm. A true dilemma, since the sleeves were a bit shorter that 3/4 length!

So I cut off the binding, re-hemmed the sleeves...

(Yes, most people would have tried to choose a thread that matched...but I like pink!)
 Added lace to the sleeves and bottom edge, and made some lacy flowers!

Ta-dah! (Unfortunately, this is the only pic I have for you, as my camera battery just died. :)

That, my friends, is what I worked on this week. Thus ends my first experimentation with cutting up + sewing store-bought clothes! :D

Happy Monday!


Mikaela said...

Voondabas! (somehow that doesn't spell as great as it sounds)

Now you have to wear it for me sometime so I can admire it in all its glory. ;-)

Keri On said...

Looks beautiful, Sarah! Good job!

Lauren said...

Oh that turned out adorably! So creative! I'm gearing up do do some of this...except not on clothing, but on a purse and curtains.

Breanne said...

That is such a beautiful sweater! WOW! I love that color. You did a great job remaking it.

Kirsteen said...

I love the colour too, and the lace goes so well with it.

Thanks for joining in!