Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting Ready

In our family, the week after Christmas is traditionally a week of relaxation, recuperation, and reorganization. This year - or, rather, last year :) - we decided to try something new, and followed Christmas with a crazy week of planning, preparation, and anticipation.

The Twinkles helped me make pomanders:

Which resulted in these:

Gracie did some major paper-cutting:

Which resulted in these:

Which were then hung around an (unusually) empty great room:

The Littles filled 30 paper bags with tea light candles:

Which resulted in this:

All of which came together in preparation for... (to be continued tomorrow)


Lauren said...

In preparation for...a gorgeous event! You all did such an amazing job--I can't even imagine how much time you put into it!

Jo said...

Such fun pictures! I love the rags in the Twinkles' hair... :)