Thursday, October 29, 2015


{photo credit}
New textbooks, sharp pencils, blue markers, clean whiteboards -
A desk-studded bird cage for parrots, well-taught.
With rote recitation of ready responses
They mimic
Their teachers,
With words they know not.


Red said...

I can relate!

Eistear de BĂșrca said...

Hi there!!

I like to pop by and read your interesting blog from time to time. I'm a teacher from Ireland (see, hopefully only temporary, as I was home-educated as a child. I am a Christian and it is definitely a challenge working in the state school environment. Anyway, I was just wondering about the .ie in your blog address?? :-)


SarahJayne said...

Hi Eistear! :)

Thanks for the comment - I think I remember you from a comment a while back. Your blog looks interesting, and I look forward to perusing it a bit more! Mine has been sadly neglected of late, but I'm hoping to be better in the coming months. ;)

I think the .ie in my address is perhaps because you are in Ireland? There seem to be different endings to website addresses based on the country one is in while viewing the website. Do you think that's it?

Working as a Christian in a government school certainly would be challenging! However, if that is where God has you at the moment, I'm sure He is working through you to make all things beautiful in His time. As Wordsworth said, "Shine, Poet! In thy place". :)