Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Watch-It Wednesday: If I Stand

Have you noticed that "Watch-It Wednesdays" are more frequently "Listen-To-This Wednesdays"? I considered re-titling them "Wordless Wednesdays," but then I'd feel compelled to not write anything and, well - we all know how much I like to talk, right?

This is an old song. An old song raw with a time-transcendent longing for heaven. An old song fresh with the realization of who we are before Christ. An old song marveling at the mystery of beauty around us, refusing to be enraptured even by the "good," in the precious hope of the perfect.

If you stand, stand on the promise. If you fall, fall on the grace. If you sing, sing for the Lord's joy. If you weep, weep with longing.

Have a blessed Wednesday!

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Havilah Martinez said...

We do enjoy your Watch it Wednesday! We have learned so many good ideas from it and shared them with friends who are of like mind. So, thank you for taking the time to post.
I agree with you that "girls who shine" are at One Bright Corner. That is actually how we found you and the best part about them is their writing ability is so fresh and from the heart on real subjects that they express through the eyes of the Word of God.. the Bible.I highly recommend them also. I am glad you are friends with them.
I never knew of edifying blogs till we were told of them and it encouraged our daughters so much. They, my daughters, now have a larger blog list that is limited to mostly edification through different ways and personalities. Like yours! I love all your red hair and that you have such a large family to give to. Very special. The Lord bless you in your giving and encouraging others. MamaJo (mother of 9) I use Havilahs blog or account because I don't have one.