Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Minute Friday: View

Sometimes, it's that first moment when you step outside, or when you reach the crest of a hill, or when your eye catches a horizon crowded with color.
Sometimes, it's a mysterious sweetness in the air, or the extra-silky something in the wind, or the way the whole world seems to momentarily still and hold its breath in anticipation.
Whenever, and however, it comes, you always know "it" is there. Something deep inside thrills and freezes, quivering with the plea to hang on to that feeling forever. You close your eyes, trying to hug time into motionlessness, trying to freeze this moment forever, trying to sear it into your brain, so it will never leave.
But even as you try, you know the moment is slipping, the painful thrill of bliss grows dull, and you open your eyes aware of the beauty, loving it, but mourning the loss of that moment gone by.
What is this feeling? Why does it come - always so unexpected? Why can we not hold on to it?
Is it a glimpse into something deeper, something more beautiful we will know when "someday" becomes "forever"?
Or is just the thrill of a lovely view?
Five Minute Friday

 One word. Five minutes. No editing. It's Five Minute Friday!


Mia De Vries said...

Dear Sarah-Jane
Oh yes, those moments. I think it is when our Lord Jesus touches our hearts in a more personal way as if to tell us that the beautiful view we are seeing is a gift of love from His heart!
Much love

Denise said...

Wonderful post.

Anne Peterson said...

Really liked it. So picturesque. The roses without the thorns. Oh, you know they're there, you just decide not to see them.

Sarah Penner said...

Beautiful post! I could feel those moments that are forever etched into my mind. Moments that I was able to sear into my memories. Yet lament for those that were just too fleeting. Loved this post! I'll be watching for those moments today!
~Sarah from

Ashley Osborn said...

This is beautiful. :) Thank you for sharing!