Saturday, April 27, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Unspoken

Will you be my friend?

Smiling, swaying side-to-side, she looked up at his big brown eyes, her small blue ones showing pleasure, fear, and gentleness.

He bobbed his head carefully, blowing on her gently and nudging her with is soft pink nose.

Don't be afraid. I will be gentle. We will not go too fast. You will feel like you're floating on my back.

You hear me! Her eyes were pools of delight.

The Maker gave me this gift.

He is good. He always hears me, too.

"Are you ready?" asked mama, carefully lifting her up.

For a moment, she stiffened, You're so tall!

It will be all right ~ we will go gently. Yes, I will be your friend.

And she smiled.

Five Minute FridayOne word. Five minutes. No editing. It's Five Minute Friday!


Denise said...

This is lovely, bless you.

K.J. Fogleman said...

Very beautiful moment put into words... very lovely.