Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday: A Special Moment

Another 5 Minute Friday, with another lovely word: "Remembering"
Five Minute FridayMy memories are not like other people's. I do not remember "when I was little" in chronological order. The people I saw every day, the things I did each week - they are simply not there. My memories are more like a scrapbook. Snap-shot moments placed at random. Some of them I know were special moments, others I am clueless as to their significance in my mind. Sometimes, I cannot even remember events I know now were milestone events. Who knows why this is?
I do know, however, that I treasure those moments I have. They are all special to me, now.
Like the time I was in my room, at night, and daddy brought little Ben in and put him in the crib at the foot of my bed. I still don't know why he was in there - ours was the girls room - but he was. For a moment after daddy left, Ben stood at the end of the crib closest to the door, and mournfully marked daddy's departure. I squirmed out from the covers, crawled down to the foot of my bed, and leaned over the crib, stretching out both my arms.
"Ben, you wanna do this?" (apparently a code word, or tradition)
Ben turned and walking on tiptoe to my end of the crib, replied, "I do, I do, I do!"
We grabbed each other's hands and just stood there, perfectly content.
And that's the end of the memory.
(a memory I love)
Posting now, to avoid the temptation.
What are some of your treasured memories? Do you remember moments, or seasons of your life?


Melissa Armstrong said...

Sarah Jayne, that is such a sweet story! My heart swells at the thought of a sibling being there in another sibling's time of need. Lovely.

BARBIE said...

What a beautiful memory! Stopped over from the Five Minute Friday!

Denise said...

Such a lovely memory.

Rachel said...

I love that story every time I hear it! I'm glad you wrote it down (even though you want to edit it). :)

Gracie said...

Sarah, I really like that story...I do, I do, I do! :)

Ben said...

Am I allowed to claim the same memory? :) Wonderful memory...

Kirsteen Murray said...

Very sweet memory! I remember so many random things from when I was wee.

One of these is being chased round my granny's kitchen by my uncle carrying some live crabs he had just caught!

Oh, and I really must make time to sit down an email you. Not ignoring you, just lots going on here!

Jennifer and Jonathan said...


SarahJayne said...

Thanks, FMF visitors! :)
Rachel, Benj, & Gracie, love you guys!
Kirsteen, your memory made me laugh! What a smile of a memory. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Jenny ~ :)