Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For Jenny

Dear Jenny,

You have no idea what all I've learned in the course of trying to get a single picture for you...

1. I've learned that I really, really don't like the quality of my laptop camera.

2. I've confirmed that self-portraits are soo not cool, and that I'm better behind a lens than in front.

3. I learned that I have a very pointy nose. Yes, I'd gone 21 years of life without realizing it! :p

And all for you. All 'cause you asked. Here it is ~ appreciate it, for it will not happen again! :)

(notice I chose the nose-cropped-out photo :)

Your now-cross-eyed friend,


Lauren said...

Oh my goodness, you took the plunge! Were you nervous? Are you going to be wearing your hair up all the time, now? Btw, you definitely do NOT have a pointy nose. That camera must have a strange lens!

Mikaela said...

Woah! I know you've been contemplating the second piercing awhile, but what made you finally go for it? Was it a split-second decision? ;-)

It looks very cute, and I--for one--am grateful for the picture of you (but you would be even more adorable if 5/8 of your face wasn't missing!).

SarahJayne said...

Lauren, I wasn't nervous - more excited! :) Yesterday marked the "one week", and I've worn my hair down only twice. I really like it! :)

Mika, I had finally decided to do it, and had been texting daddy all morning, just to get the final "this-is-really-ok-with-you" from him. He wasn't answering, so I wandered around the mall with Charae for about an hour, and finally decided to just do it! (there's always the back-up plan of taking them out and letting it grow back together if daddy hates it.) I'm not sure if that qualifies as pre-meditated or split-second, but I love it! As to the picture...*ahem* you couldn't see the second earring if I did a pic with my whole face...camera quality = < 0 :p

Jo said...

Aw Sarah. :) All I want to say is that you have a beautiful nose. A beautiful nose that I'd be happy to have in the middle of my face instead of this round one of mine. If you want to trade, you know how to get a hold of me. ;P