Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Watch-It Wednesday: The Sci-- "Philosophy" of Evolution

I discovered these guys a couple months back. Their videos are funny, informative...and I felt like this one was especially well-put-together!

Have a well-informed Wednesday!


{Kaytra} said...

Hehe!! Loved it. It helps when they have a good sense of humor. Well put to. :)

K said...

Interesting video. I definitely agree with much of the first half - that people tend to look at the same evidence, and jump to different conclusions (simplification) (big bang versus God). Atheists that diminish and discount Christian beliefs simply because they believe something else drive me crazy. I also agree creationism shouldn't be taught in science classrooms.

I part ways with him though in his description of evolution. Evolution (as I understand it) is just a change that starts as a mutation and eventually ends up affecting a population change. Such as bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, or insects that aren't effected by pesticides. He uses these examples, but says they aren't evolution. At that point it becomes clear he and I must be using a different definition of the word evolution, and I'm not sure what his definition is.

He also says all science has to be observable. I totally disagree here. For starters, this would completely discount the whole field of quantum physics. I also think it confuses fact with theory. Again, not a science major at all, but my understanding is that facts are observed, and theories are used to explain those facts. For example, it would be a fact that I observe that certain baking ingredients put into oven at a set temperature would turn into a cake; but it would be a theory that would explain the process as to why it turns into a cake. You can't actually observe a why... right? I can't think of an example off the top of my head anyway for when you'd be able to observe a why.

Anywho, this is a much longer comment than I meant. And it might not make sense :P but I thought the video was interesting.