Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Blogger,

There is so much I would say about--
But I can't.

I want to tell you--
But I can't.

I was thinking--

I agree with--

Nice job on--

That's so cool that--

Interesting info on--

I really wish that--

Please let me--

Your Patient User,

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Homeschool on the Croft said...

Er, am I being really thick?? I haven't a clue what you're on about!!!

Keri On said...

Sarah, There seem to be others, that cannot post comments on blogger right now....
I don't seem to be having a problem though....Hope it works itself out soon!

Mikaela said...

Oh, oh, oh! You know how I was having that problem the other day? It just started up, and it kept taking me to the sign in page, but no matter how many gazillion times I signed in, it always asked me to sign in again.

If that's happening to you, I've figured it out!

It was a cookie problem. (Always is, you know. Not nearly enough of them in the world, if you ask me.)

My computer security was set to not allow cookies--it always has been--but for some reason, blogger must have changed something so that that is no longer workable. It can't remember you've signed in without a cookie to track that now. So go into internet options (found under tools on my internet page), click on the privacy tab, and type in and as sites to always allow cookies on. Completely fixed my problem! Hope it works for you!

(PS--By using this fix, you agree to free me from any liability associated with allowing cookies on these sites, including, but not limited too, the tracking of your visits to these sites.)

If you're talking about a different problem, then sorry. Dunno. Just tell me to shut up.

Mikaela said...


I like the new font color in your header. It matches a lot better. And if you didn't change it, just smile and pretend like you did. ;-)

SarahJayne said...

Mika, if this comment goes through your a genius!! :) And yes, thank you muchly for noticing the font color...I slaved all of ten minutes over it (had to do something since I couldn't be commenting! :P)

Ruthie H. said...

Oh, good! I have not been the only one having trouble leaving comments, even on my own blog. :( I first noticed it when I tried to comment on your "patience" blog, Sarah. ;) Mikaela, you are a genius! Thank you so much for your help! I was getting pretty frustrated with Blogger, but can now assume a more Christ-like attitude. :)

Ruthie H. said...

P.S. I removed my first comment because it had a typo in it, which I did not see until after it was published. ;)