Monday, March 11, 2013

Blessings of a Bloggy Birthday!

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Hello, friends! Come in! So glad you could make it! As you can see, I've spruced up the place for all the rare fun that's to happen this week. Scrubbed the windows, dusted the cobwebs, put up some new paint ~ how do you like it? Pull up a chair, will you? Would you like some tea? How about some cake? Yes, yes, that's two candles ~ can you believe how old my little blog is growing?

As I look back over these last two years of blogging, I am overwhelmed (and grateful) for the BLESSINGS documented herein. There have been the blessings of memories, lessons, miracles, and musings. Blessings of adventures, smiles, stories, and amazement. And, of course, there has been YOU! Whether you're a bloggy friend, internet acquaintance, or a friend I run into in everyday life (sorry about that ~ I'll have to better watch where I'm going!), I want you to know that your comments put a smile on my face and give me a day of sunshine!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending some friends' church, and there I heard a beautiful truth which seems to me to perfectly define true blessing. "We do not," the pastor challenged, "come to God to get what we want, but rather what He has to give us." While I am quicker to label the gifts listed in the paragraph above as "blessings," I have learned - and am continuing to learn - that when we receive tenacity to withstand pressure, comfort to carry through grief, or ability to overcome incompetency, these are often the most rewarding of blessings. In this last year I have begun to learn that somehow, God, in the miracle of Who He is, creates the most perfect beauty out of the most hopeless circumstances. It is the nature of our God. Is He not beautiful? Is He not awesome? Is He not deserving of every form of worship?

As you munch on delicious chocolate-covered strawberries at my little bloggy-birthday party, I ask that you would meditate, would remember, would share with me the blessings ~ both the easy and the hard ~ that Christ has given you this year. Surely, as Christians, there is no greater encouragement than to hear the stories of the Saviour's work!

So settle in and make yourself comfortable. We have a lovely seven~days~of~a~party before us, with stories and encouragements galore from some truly special people. And what would a party be without prizes? ...Still a party, perhaps, but certainly not as much fun! Would you like to see the items for the give-away? Yes, I thought so. :)

The first lovely is this wonderful "Emerald of the Sea" bracelet, hand-made by none other than my own amazing Grandma! An elegant, deep green, beaded in a wave pattern, it is one of my favorite jewelry pieces Grandma has made (definitely makes me think "Ireland" :).
Next item up for the give-away is C.S. Lewis' Till We Have Faces. I know that I've said this about nearly all his books, but this is my favorite work by C.S. Lewis. In his personal retelling of the mythological story of the goddess Psych, Lewis inexplicably grew my awe, fear, and love of the one true God. One of my top recommended books, to be sure!
photo credit (not the same cover picture as give-away book)
Are you as excited about these as I am?? Thought so! Here's how you can enter for your chance to win one of them!
1. Follow The Lord's Lass and comment with which prize you would prefer - 1 entry {required}
2. Vote on the polls which will be popping up on the sidebar this week - 1 entry per vote
3.  Blog about blessings and link to The Lord's Lass - 3 entries
Please leave one comment per entry you receive on this post. Give-away is open to both U.S. and international bloggers. :) Ends 11:59PM, March 18th, Pacific Time.
Now please, have another slice of cake and enjoy the party! Blessings!


  1. Looks lovely over here! I love the open-book header! I'm going to have to enter for the book, because, well, you know me and books! And, sadly, I haven't read that one yet, but I see that I am going to have to! Happy blog birthday--I've been so encouraged by reading all you post here!

  2. That book. I've heard great and wonderful things about it, and you started my love for C.S. Lewis, so I am entering for the book. :)

  3. Hey Sarah, Happy Blogger-Birthday! I'd like to enter for the bracelet. Love you!

  4. Congrats! The book's amazing, but unfortunately (wait--I think I mean fortunately) I already own it, and as I shan't dare to take away the gorgeous bracelet from someone who would actually wear it, I shall content myself with wishing your blog many happy returns! (I will direct Jenny to this post, though...)

  5. Great Party! I love that all the treats are gluten free! :-)
    Please put my name in the drawing for the looks like a good one! ~Bronwyn

  6. Thanks for inviting me to your party via Bronwyn. I have never read a single CS Lewis book so I don't have a clue about his depth. I sruggle with allegorical stories in much the same way math story problems can take me hours to complete. There are so many ways to look at the things that seem to be so obvious in our lives.

    For example, Alice has 8 apples and considers a serving 1/2 apple per person. How many can she feed?

    I don't know. I need more information. How will she serve them? Will she make applesauce and just divide it equally among however many are present? Or will she bake a (gluten free) pie knowing 3 people won't eat refined sugar? OR has she asked the Lord to bless her abundance so she can be like the boy with the bread basket and serve all who are hungry?

    That being said...can I tell you how much I have appreciated watching you and your friends grow into Godly young women? You are so RICHLY blessed to have the spiritual heritage you have in your parents and grandparents. I love that you enter His Plan as His Servants unhindered by "baggage."

  7. Happy Birthday! The treats are delicious! Maybe I'll just take one more piece of fudge. I would like to enter for the bracelet. By the way, I love your new decor.

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Would love to enter for the bracelet. Thanks. :)

  9. Hey'a Sarah...Yikes, I don't know which I'd prefer...I do love reading though, so maybe the book :)

  10. Hi Sarah! Love the renovations - I'd like to enter for the bracelet, if you please! :-)

  11. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!! :) I love the new look!! I would like to enter for the bracelet, please! :)

  12. Of course I follow the Lord's Lass--who wouldn't?! And I would be thrilled to win the book--you have piqued my curiosity. =)

  13. And I voted again! Thanks for making me think about ways to remember blessings...

  14. Am I the only one who voted for Red?

    I am so curious as to what he would write.

    BTW What a fun idea to have a blog birthday party/

  15. Hmmm...I thought I had left comments twice before but I only see once. So. maybe that means I am disqualified from the book drawing.

  16. And, Sarah, I entered all three polls :)